Corporate Responsibility

The Board considers that the management of safety, health, environment, social and ethical matters forms a key element of effective corporate governance which in turn supports the strategy, long-term performance and sustainability of the business.


Moneysupermarket Group wants to be a great place to work. Passion, innovation and performance are key assets for the Group and its future success. The Group has clear priorities for how it:

  • engages with its employees, recognising the different needs they have;
  • creates sustainable employment opportunities that attract a talented and diverse range of new people into all levels of the business;
  • invests in the future to ensure each individual can perform to the best of their ability; and
  • ensures it is constantly seeking to do the right things, particularly in how people are treated throughout the Group.

The Group actively encourages employee involvement and consultation. It places considerable emphasis on keeping its employees informed of the Group’s activities via formal business performance updates, regular update briefings, regular team meetings, the Group’s intranet site which enables easy access to the latest Group information as well as Group policies, and the circulation to employees of relevant information including corporate announcements. This also helps to achieve a common awareness amongst employees of the financial and economic factors affecting the performance of the Group.

A robust employee engagement survey process is also in place to ensure that employees are given a voice in the organisation and that the Group can take action based on employee feedback. 76% of staff completed the 2015 survey with 88% of those respondents confirming they were committed to the Group’s goals and 84% of respondents stating they would recommend the Group as a great place to work.

The Group is committed to an equal opportunities policy. The Group aims to ensure that no employee is discriminated against, directly or indirectly, on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic and national origins, sexual orientation or gender, marital status, disability, religion or belief, being part time or on the grounds of age.

The Group offers a range of benefits which help employees share in the success of the Group. These include both an employee Share Incentive Plan and a Sharesave Scheme. The Group’s full range of benefits reflects the differing needs and interests of its employees. Particular focus is given to contributing towards employees’ wellbeing. Employees have the opportunity to buy additional holidays, medical cover, gym memberships, as well as discounts on products and services for their home and family life. Recognising that employees can require advice and support for a range of personal and professional reasons, a free comprehensive employee assistance programme is also available. The Group also has a wide variety of flexible working arrangements in place.

The Group has invested £270,000 in employee training programmes in 2015, with online training now available for all employees for our ‘Customer First’ programme.

The Group has a wide-ranging performance management system, designed to ensure that all employees are able to fulfill their potential and contribute as much as possible to the achievement of the Group’s goals whilst applying the Group’s values.

363 of our employees are male and 259 female. In our executive management team, 8 members of the team are male and 1 is female whilst on our Board, 6 of the Directors are male and 2 female.

The Group recognises the importance of health and safety and the positive benefits to the Group. The Group has a health and safety policy which is communicated to all employees through a health and safety handbook, which is regularly reviewed and updated.

Supporting students

In order to build links between the Group and local schools and colleges, work experience and placements are offered to a number of students. In doing so, the Group strives to make work placements positive, challenging and relevant to participants’ current studies and their future job prospects.

Business ethics

Behaving ethically is an essential part of working for our Group. It is fundamental to how we do business and is vitally important to the reputation and success of our Group. We have a code of conduct which applies to all employees. Our three principles of ethical business conduct are:

  • we are honest, transparent and trustworthy in all our dealings both within the Group and in all our external business relationships;
  • we respect the privacy of individuals and other organisations with whom we work; and
  • we investigate reports of potential breaches of the code of conduct.

We also have anti-bribery, competition law and whistleblowing policies which incorporate the Group’s key principles and standards governing business conduct towards our key stakeholder groups. We believe we should treat all of these groups with honesty and integrity.

Communities and charities

The Group seeks to make a positive difference by being an active contributor to the communities that it operates within. The Group's .Community initiative was launched in 2008 and has continued to develop during 2015. The initiative is focused on providing support to charities and community groups located within a few miles of the Group's offices in Ewloe, so support is targeted primarily in Flintshire and Cheshire.

A volunteer group of employees meets regularly to review requests for donations and to allocate funds according to agreed donation guidelines. Employees are also active in researching and seeking out local good causes that the Group can help support. The initiative has been effective at harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of the Group's employees to benefit the communities in which it operates.

In 2015 the Group made £6,000 per month available for the .Community initiative. This funding has been channelled via the Charities Aid Foundation, enabling the Group to make gross donations to registered charities.

Over the course of the year the Group has supported over 30 charities and community groups including:

  • Barnados/Flintshire Young Carers
  • Flintshire Deaf Children's Society
  • Ty Nos Homeless Shelter
  • Deeside North Wales Crusaders RL Wheelchair & Disability Sports Association
  • CAB for Flintshire
  • North Wales Super Kids
  • Wepre PTA
  • City of Salford Volley Ball Team
  • Mold Alex U8's Football Team

In addition to the .Community initiative, the Group and its employees continue to select and support a Charity of the Year on an annual basis.

The 2015 Charity of the Year was the National Autistic Society. The charity provides help and support to those affected by autism. Over the course of the year the Group's employees raised £48,660 for the National Autistic Society with the Group also donating £9,129 bringing the total donated to the National Autistic Society during the year to £57,789.

In addition to this, in September 2015, MoneySavingExpert donated 50p per new recipient of its weekly email to the Red Cross to assist with the Europe Refugee Crisis, which was rounded up to a total donation of £6,000. MoneySavingExpert has also continued to donate to The MSE Charity, which is a grant giving charity dedicated to improving information and education about debt, money and consumer issues with £60,000 donated in 2015.

The National Autistic Society will continue to be our Charity of the Year in 2016.

The Group launched a volunteering scheme in October 2011 through which the Group supports a total of 60 volunteering days per year to help those who are less fortunate, and thereby make a valuable contribution to our local community. During the year employees volunteered in a diverse range of activities and also took part in the sponsored ‘Four Highest Peaks in North Africa Challenge'.


The Group is committed to reducing energy and raw material usage to support environmental and financial performance and has implemented the following initiatives to support this aim:

  • the installation of solar panels at the Group’s Ewloe office resulting in energy savings of approximately 40,561 kwh during 2015;
  • the continued replacement of energy efficient bulbs with higher efficiency LEDs;
  • changes to our air conditioning and ventilation timings to minimize unnecessary usage;
  • the replacement of our water boilers with industry-leading ECO boilers to help minimize electrical usage; and
  • the recycling, via one of our suppliers, of waste oil from our on-site catering into useful products such as biofuels.

The Group estimates that during 2015 it recycled on average over 70% of its commercial waste.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

This section includes our mandatory reporting of greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013. The methodology used to calculate our emissions is based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. Emissions reported correspond with our financial year. We have included emissions from both our owned and leased assets for which we are responsible. Emissions are predominantly from gas combustion and electricity use at our offices and data centres. We have reported on all material emission sources which we deem ourselves to be responsible for. Emission factors are from UK government conversion factor guidance current for the year reported.

Total CO2e by emission type in 2016
Electricity, heat, steam and cooling purchased for own use 96.79%
Combustion of fuel and operation of facilities 3.21%

In order to express our annual emissions in relation to a quantifiable factor associated with our activities, we have used revenue as our intensity ratio as this is a relevant indication of our growth and is aligned with our business strategy.

Greenhouse gas emissions data

For period from 1 January to 31 December

Tonnes of CO2e
2016 2015
Emissions from:
Combustion of fuel and operation of facilities 24.4 72
Electricity, heat, steam and cooling purchased for own use 734.7 867.6
Company’s chosen intensity measurement: tonnes of CO2e per £m revenue 2.39 3.33