Investment Proposition

Why invest in Moneysupermarket Group

  • A business model offering customers a great way to save money and providers an effective way to acquire the customers they want.
  • Well established, recognised brands with a rich customer data asset.
  • Diversified business with significant headroom in each core market.
  • Organic growth supported by technology investment focused on smartphones, customer journey, data and apps.
  • Successful acquisition of and further opportunities for acquisitive growth.
  • Highly cash generative with progressive ordinary dividend policy

We offer customers a great way to save money and providers an effective way to build their business

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How we help customer save money
We offer our customers a free, easy to use, online service so they can search for a wide range of products and find the product most suited to their needs.

We help customers to find us through TV advertising and organic and paid search. We feature unbiased, best product tables free of charge. We offer free tools, content and guides, and customers can store and manage details via the ‘MyProfile’ account management feature.

Benefit to our providers
Working with the Group offers providers an efficient and cost-effective way to reach considerable volumes of potential customers who are actively looking for products and are ready to purchase, enabling our providers to target their marketing spend.

How we make money
We have a simple, success-based revenue model which is highly scalable. For the majority of our services, we receive a fixed marketing fee from the product provider for customers who have taken out a product through us.

Creating value for shareholders
By delivering value to our customers and providers, we ultimately drive long-term financial value to our shareholders delivering on growth opportunities and a progressive dividend policy.

The group operates across four core markets: Insurance, Money, Home services and Travel.

Best site

Year wise average monthly unique visits (in million): Year 2016 - 23.4m, Year 2015 - 23.6m, Year 2014 - 22.5m

Year wise investment in technology (in million): Year 2016 - £22.6m, Year 2015 - £19.6m, Year 2014 - £16.1m

Earn customer loyalty

Unique adults choosing to share data (in million) - Year 2016 - 22.2m, Year 2015 - 18.6m, Year 2014 - 15.8m

Savings made by customers (in billion) - Year 2016 - £1.8bn, Year 2015 - £1.6bn, Year 2014 - £1.4bn

Net promoter score - Year 2016 - 43%, Year 2015 - 48%, Year 2014 - 38%

Preferred partner

Marketing margin - Year 2016 - 64%, Year 2015 - 68%, Year 2014 - 65%

Number of providers - Year 2016 - 980, Year 2015 - 877, Year 2014 - 723