Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build on our core business of helping customers to find the right product by investing in our technology, customer data and tools. This enables us to build deeper relationships, and deliver more value to both customers and providers.

The three strategic priorities are:

  • Best site
  • Earn customer loyalty
  • Preferred partner.

Best site

Be the easiest way for people to find the right providers and products for their needs

Being the best site necessitates a consistent and intuitive journey, regardless of device or channel. Upgrading our brands to a single platform and delivering improved, consistent and initiative journeys will improve usability. We recognize that more and more customers want to use our services through multiple devices and so we will continue to ensure they work well on mobiles and tablets.

Earn customer loyalty

Trusted destination brands

We need to ensure that customers continue to return to Moneysupermarket Group to save on all their household bills.

To do this we need to ensure that it is easy for them to set up and use an account, that they receive market-leading deals, and that we continue to innovate, offering new and simple ways to save money. Our content, tools and services need to be relevant, engaging and user-friendly.

Preferred partner

Be the best way for providers to acquire customers

Our business can only thrive if we keep adding value for our providers. Partnering with the Group offers providers an efficient and cost-effective way for providers to reach considerable volumes of potential customers who are actively looking for products and are ready to purchase, enabling our providers to target their marketing spend.