Meet the Team


DEEPA Head of Partnerships, Insurance

"There’s a lot of drive to grow the business and save customers money."

I had worked for an insurance provider for thirteen years, but the role at MoneySuperMarket gave me a new challenge: to really get to know how price comparison businesses worked. Taking the role involved me moving from Birmingham to Chester which was both challenging and exciting!

MoneySuperMarket has given me the opportunity to work on our largest channel to deliver results which directly impact the wider business. It’s great working with a team who are external facing as this allows me to really understand the businesses we work with to help develop and grow them.

In my role, I’m always out on the road, meeting people, talking about their businesses and learning about the market. There’s loads of variety, no two days are the same and I love the energy that provides.

SEBASTIAN Performance Media Executive, Marketing

"I’ve had great support from day one."

I joined MoneySuperMarket straight from University and what attracted me was the chance to work in-house for a leader in Digital Marketing. Some of my friends started on the agency side – but I was keen to get into a bigger business with a strong reputation in this field.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of support in this first year. I had weekly check-ins with my manager and was teamed up with a ‘Buddy’– which gave me a chance to get to know another part of the business. I also got to go to several industry conferences and events. The role I’m in means working closely with organisations such as Google and Facebook and I feel that I’ve learnt so much on the job.

I’m based in the London office and it’s a friendly and social place to work. We have regular nights out – as well as Beer Fridays and fitness classes after work. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere than I was expecting after University and I feel I’m thriving in it.

CHARLOTTE Partner Integration Manager

"You’re pushed to pick up responsibility. I’ve grown in confidence."

I grew up in the North West, and I was working in London when I heard about an opportunity with TravelSupermarket. Now I’m based in Ewloe though I am down to London at least once a month. It’s a great brand to work for – in a way it feels like a start-up because it’s very collaborative, very fast paced and everyone mucks in together.

I’m probably most proud of the work I’ve been doing on a cross-business project where I am commercial lead. At first, I was worried that I might not have the experience, but it’s helped me realise that I know far more than I thought I did. I’ve ended up presenting to both the Senior Management Team and the Technology Leadership Team and I’ve grown in confidence as the project has progressed.

On a personal note, having recently had my first child, I love how family friendly the business is. Having some flexibility about start and finish hours can make all the difference when you are juggling childcare.

GARY Deals & Social Media Editor

"Being trusted by consumers to give them the best possible information"

With a background in journalism it was great to move to a new role that allowed me to continue to work in an editorially independent environment. I was already part of the MoneySavingExpert community and saw the job advertised on the weekly email.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the direct feedback from users. It’s great to hear how people have really benefited from the deals or information we have shared and it makes all the hard work worth it. Every day is a buzz, striving to ensure we stay on top of trends and never miss a deal. There’s so much misinformation flying around on the internet but we take pride in the fact that people trust us to give them the full picture, with thorough and well-researched information to help them find the best deals. It’s a real team effort and that’s what makes it such a positive and happy place to work – because we all pull together and know that we are all really making a difference.

EMMA Reporting Accountant
Group Finance

"The thanks and recognition for the work you do."

I came to Moneysupermarket Group from being an auditor in an accountancy practice. I was keen to work in a growing industry and apply my financial know how in a business context. From the start I’ve enjoyed a huge amount of variety in my role. Alongside the statutory accounting day job, I’ve been encouraged to get involved in projects that give me exposure to other parts of the business.

I’ve recently been workstream lead for a major change programme where I’ve worked closely with the Technology and HR teams. What was great about this – apart from the challenge it gave me, was the thanks and recognition we received for delivering this into the business. I suppose that sums up the culture here – it’s professionally stretching but people are approachable and supportive and just want you to do well.

RHIANNA Customer Service Advisor
MoneySuperMarket and TravelSupermarket

"The people I work with, and free massages… what’s not to like?"

Working in customer service at Moneysupermarket Group is different to other companies. We’re encouraged to be ourselves with the customer and to take the time they need. Sometimes customers aren’t familiar with working on smart phones or tablets and need help with the process itself, other times you’ll get people letting you know how much they have saved and what it means to them – that’s probably the most rewarding part of the job.

As well as being on the phone and email I’ve recently taken responsibility for social media feedback. This is great because you can be a little more playful. Only the other day I was involved on a twitter discussion about how Skeletor got his driving license!

One of the perks of working here is that we have Wellbeing Wednesday where there’s a choice of wellbeing activities to enjoy including Pilates and free massages. Everyone I tell about my job says “I need to work there!”

JAMES Lead UX Prototyper

"Opportunities to progress including excellent management development training"

I joined Moneysupermarket Group as a contractor working on the creation of a Global Experience Library – a really great shared resource for technology and product. I moved to a full-time role after a year as it felt like a stable business and I could tell that they invested in their technology and their people. Over the five years I’ve been here I’ve moved into a few different roles and ended up specialising in an area that really plays to my strengths.

Prototyping seems to attract a certain sort of person – you need excellent attention to detail, the deadlines are always extreme and you never get a full spec! Fortunately it’s this sort of pressure that drives and motivates me. In return the business has invested in me and I’ve recently been on Management Development Training that’s helped me with some of the softer skills you need to progress into senior leadership roles.

SULLY Head Architect

"Being given the space, the opportunity and empowerment to develop my career here."

The thing that really attracted me to Moneysupermarket Group was the tech. I loved the fact that we work on an open source tech stack and that we own what we build – it gives me a sense of real pride in what we do. In the four years that I’ve been here I have had so many opportunities to develop skills, to progress, to take on new challenges. Being part of the digital hub in Manchester has been one of those opportunities. Because the office is still quite new it feels like you’re in at the start of something new, something transformational -and every month there are new people in the desks around you!

The biggest buzz I get is solving hard problems and working with smart people. I strongly believe that if you get good people in, give them the right equipment and empower teams to deliver – then you get great results. I’ve seen that in my own career and now I’m seeing it with my teams.

HARVINDER Head of Data Strategy & Advanced Analytics

"It’s an open and collaborative place to work."

My current role is focused on driving personalisation. We know that different people want different things from us – so this is about using the data to target our marketing and product to the specific needs of our customers. It’s a data rich business but our challenge is to find ways to use this in the best interests of our customers. The best thing is that you see results in real time – and can see how things you have been involved in have driven results.

What’s been great about moving here, having previously worked in Banking, is that the culture is so different. It’s a collaborative and non-hierarchical place to work where people are always willing to try new things, and open to following best practice. There’s also been a real investment in technology and data which means we get to work in a cloud-based data science environment using all the latest open source tools.