Application Tips

At Moneysupermarket Group we do everything we can to support our people so that they can be themselves and realise their potential. We're keen to find people who’ll thrive in our culture as well as being great at the job, so our recruitment process is designed to help you show yourself in your best light. Here are some tips and suggestions about what we're looking for at different stages of the process.

Application – CV and Letter

  • We want to see what makes you right for the role and our culture, so make sure you read through the job description and take some time to research the business and the brands.
  • Check your CV is well written, spell checked, with up-to-date contact details, chronological job history and brief descriptions of previous work and achievements.
  • In the accompanying letter tell us what makes you right for the role and give us a sense of your personality and what makes you stand out.

Phone interview

  • For most roles a phone interview is the first step. We’ll want to go over some of the details in your application and get to understand what you’re looking for in the role.
  • We’ll arrange a time for the call, so it’s best to be in a quiet place where you are free to talk and discuss the job.
  • Make sure you’ve read through your CV and be prepared to help us understand you, your career so far and what’s important to you in the next move.
  • This is your chance to ask us any questions so you can see if you want to take the process further – it’s a two-way thing!

Online tests

  • For some roles you’ll be asked to take timed online tests. You can find practice sites online that you can have a go on before you take them.
  • The actual tests are timed so make sure you find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and give yourself every chance to do your best.

The interview

  • For most roles there’ll be at least one interview. This will vary by role and the seniority of the position.
  • We’ll make sure you understand what will be expected from you at the interview so that you can prepare properly. This may include taking some tests on the day or making a presentation on a particular subject.
  • We know that many people are nervous about interviews but we really want you to be able to perform well. We’ll make the experience as informal and supportive as possible – because that’s what we’re like anyway.
  • Make sure you prepare by thinking about some of the experience and achievements you have that match the needs of the role. You’ll often be asked to explain how you would tackle a scenario and so having examples you can use to explain similar situations in the past is always helpful.
  • Some people find it helps to make notes and bring these with you.
  • Depending on the role you may have two or three interviews with different members of the team. We’ll make sure you understand what each is for and what is expected of you.
  • Some interviews will encompass a technical test, for example roles in Technology. Again, you’ll understand exactly what is required and be given the opportunity to shine!

Top tips from Moneysupermarket Group people who got the job!

“Show some initiative: make sure you’ve researched the role and understand the sort of business we are.”

“The online tests need you to work fast and focus. My mum walked in half way through and I was like ‘go away, shut the door!’”

“Be yourself. We aren’t looking for corporate lookalikes here – we’re after people with strong personalities, so make sure we see the real you.”

“If it’s a brand role, make sure you know what the brand is all about. Perhaps follow us on social media for a few weeks so you can see what has been happening recently.”

“It’s important to prepare. For my role I was set a really hard task to complete in the interview. It wasn’t all about completing it, but showing that I knew which was the most important element and also how I managed expectations!”

“Don’t be surprised to find everyone else in jeans! I turned up to the interview in a suit so was surprised how informal everyone else was. I’d still wear a suit to the interview but not on your first day!”