MoneySuperMarket’s semi-annual Hackathon

In October MoneySuperMarket held its semi-annual Hackathon for its employees. Participants that enter are from disciplines all across the business. They are encouraged to use their creativity to come up with some EPIC innovative ideas to help our customers save even more money.

Our last winners were the geniuses behind MoneySuperMarket’s ‘Home Bill Checker’ function on our website. This has further enabled our customers to ensure they are paying utility bills that are not ‘above the odds’ in comparison to their neighbours.

Our winning team this year consisted of 5 ladies from our London office. They joined forces from our Facilities, Data Management and Commercial teams. Here is a quote from Eleanor, one of the winning team members:

“Being relatively new to MoneySuperMarket, the first thing I knew about the Hackathon was posters being put up around the office….”The Corporation invites you to the 3rd Quarterly Hacker Games”! I was really keen to get involved.

I joined a team of 5 from different areas across the business; it was great to be working with people you wouldn’t normally work with. We brainstormed ideas, most of which were quickly dismissed, and then settled on an idea that everyone got excited about, a fun app to raise awareness of the MoneySuperMarket brand.

After the claxon was sound, we had 12 hours where we were freed from our day job to make our idea a reality. We had to demonstrate that we had created all aspects of the idea, including a working demonstration.

Everyone’s ideas were presented the following day to be judged by a panel, followed by 10 minutes of questioning. It was an intense day but a lot of fun and was made even better when we found out that we had won the trophy!”

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